Damián Gómez

Damián began his professional career in the area of labor litigation, representing different employers before the Federal and Local Labor Courts.

During his time in the litigation area, he specialized in attending labor lawsuits, terminations of employees, draft and execution of termination agreements, preparation of constitutional claims (amparo), review of employment agreements and customer advice. In addition, Damian also led the negotiation of several collective bargaining agreements for one of the largest auto parts companies in Mexico.

He has specialized in labor and social security consulting, with a special emphasis on advising buyers, sellers, investment funds and banks in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), spinoffs, change of control, and similar transactions from a labor and social security standpoint. Likewise, he has developed an extensive practice in the field of legal auditing of employers to verify their compliance with the current labor and social security provisions (due diligence).

Damián has also participated in the preparation and assessment of individual employment agreements for managerial positions, termination of high-level employees, design and strategy of compensation plans, subcontracting schemes, employment conditions, benefits, equity-based incentives, golden parachutes, and profit sharing. On the other hand, he also has extensive knowledge in the translation of legal documents. Furthermore, Damián has experience in the field of Mexican social security.

He studied law at Escuela Libre de Derecho (2018).