Gabriela Pellón

Gabriela is a firm believer in the responsibility of a job well done and the relevance of a keen tax strategy for business. She likes to start her client conversations stating, “if we take into account that the tax authority is your 30% shareholder, with a preferential dividend, we better start by addressing how we are going to meet the expectations of this shareholder as efficiently as possible”.

Gabriela is partner of Galicia since 2016. Clients are drawn to her unique ability to solve intricate tax issues in transactions, mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions, restructurings, capital reductions, applicability of international treaties, tax audits and legal defense.

Her international interests have driven her to advise not only Mexican companies but numerous foreign companies as well. Gabriela’s people skills and empathy are a great asset to private clients, whom she advises in relation to investments abroad and compliance with respect to their tax obligations. She has developed a great capacity to structure businesses efficiently, with strict compliance to the law, but always looking for the benefit and satisfaction of her clients.

She is well known for developing long-term personal relationships with clients, who usually seek her involvement at the corporate level first, and subsequently retain her services as a trusted personal and asset advisor, often becoming counsel to the family. She is one of the driving forces behind Galicia’s cross-practice wealth management group.

Before joining Galicia, Gabriela was partner of a boutique law firm specialized in tax law. She´s academic interests motivated her to publish numerous articles and studies on tax issues.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, in cooperation with Wharton University Business School in Philadelphia, and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


Her native language is Spanish and she is fluent in English.