In Galicia Abogados we have the best talent who, day after day, provide their experience, both professional and personal, in order for our five strategic sectors to continue developing, offering innovative solutions for our clients, within a framework of legality and corporate justice.


We provide specialized legal advice to the key financial institutions in the Mexican market.

The financial services industry is the beating heart of our economy, and Galicia is fully committed to be at the forefront of new developments in this quickly evolving and highly regulated sector.

Galicia’s financial services team is a key partner for traditional market participants, as well as for new players that need to make sense of quickly shifting markets, newly emerging business models and regulatory reforms.

Energy & Infrastructure

Galicia Abogados has been a pioneer in legally advising clients in the energy sector, in the field of electricity and renewable energy.

 The energy sector has played an important role in our country’s history and will be of crucial importance to its future. This strategic sector has been at the core of our service offering since the creation of our Firm 25 years ago. Our energy team pioneered many of the legal structures and regulatory, corporate, contractual, and financial schemes that have defined the industry. 

Real Estate & Hospitality

We have an active participation in real estate transactions in the country, advising developers, private equity funds, investors, operators and lenders.

Galicia’s real estate and hospitality sector team offers deep insight and a commercial approach to help clients on the most demanding projects and transactions in the industry.

Private Equity

We have been active participants in the development of the Private Equity industry in Mexico. 

The private equity industry has seen major growth in Mexico in the last decade. International funds are increasingly looking at opportunities in the market, and domestic funds have increased their local fundraising steadily. Mexico´s robust industrial and manufacturing base, investment opportunities in energy and infrastructure assets, have a further positive impact on the development of Mexico’s private equity sector.


Regulated Industries

We provide specialized legal advice to key financial institutions in mexican market.

Government regulations and legal frameworks for business are constantly evolving and getting more complex by the day. At the same time, the risk and potential cost of non-compliance is rising sharply. 


The Healthcare sector plays a vital role in today’s economy and society; it is a strategic sector for Galicia. 


Mexico has a thriving healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, with both domestic players and the global pharmaceutical giants active in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.