We are a people business where human quality is the cornerstone. We believe in the individual as well as in the collective effort, the specialty and the multiple disciplines, in the internal talent as well as in its external impact on the people at the head of the companies that give value to our country.

We hire professionals trained in the best institutions and firms in the world. We are distinguished by an exemplary commitment to work and a genuine passion for each case and client that search for our advise. From multiple generations and contexts, our team enriches us with their different contributions of value.

Talent and Training

We have a program to develop and strengthen knowledge in various areas of business law for newly incorporated lawyers, taught by partners and specialized consultants. For constant updating, with special focus on changes in the Mexican market, we offer courses to partners, associates and interns on key issues such as recent financial, antitrust, tax, labor, telecommunications and energy reforms, among many others.

We encourage the development of our female lawyers’ talent through our Diversity & Inclusion Committee. As part of this effort, we actively participate as founding members of the Vance Center’s Women in the Profession Initiative Program, which seeks to promote the professional development and leadership of women in the legal profession throughout the Americas through a Pilot Mentoring Program.

Environment and Culture

We are convinced that the challenges of our profession are best met in teams, in an environment that favors participation and growth.

Our culture and internal relationships are a reflection of our values: we collaborate by sharing knowledge, experience, passion and determination at all levels; we work as a team contributing to deliver excellent and innovative results and creating a valuable training experience for young professionals; we are proud members of a first class professional team and each one of us feels an important part of it.

This working perspective allows us to build long-term relationships with relevant actors from all sectors, thus capitalizing on experience and information for the benefit of our clients and our lawyers.

Opportunities abroad

As part of our international focus, we encourage our lawyers to pursue graduate studies at top universities and to collaborate with leading firms in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Integration and Development

In Galicia we promote events and activities that allow our lawyers to better integrate on a professional level and to get to know each other on a personal one. When lawyers know each other well, better multidisciplinary work teams can be created, which greatly benefits the experience and individual practice of each lawyer, as well as the team.

Our horizontal structure impacts the partner-counsel-associate and intern relationships. We are distinguished by our “open door” culture where partners, lawyers and interns exchange opinions, positions and solutions to day-to-day issues, allowing the integration and enrichment of all members of the Firm.

Career Plan

We focus on creating, training and retaining talented lawyers and professionals. We believe that the personal and professional satisfaction of our attorneys and collaborators allows our clients to receive attention in accordance with the highest standards of quality and excellence.

We have created a career plan that, with transparent rules, adequately compensates the work of our attorneys, forming them with an integral legal education and ethical principles to act as allies of our clients by knowing their business and macroeconomic environment, and making them part of the project and long-term vision of the organization.

Application for Admission for Interns and Lawyers