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For a portrait of Tenochtitlan, what is now Mexico City,
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Galicia welcomes you to this HUB for IBA Mexico 2024, which contains useful general information to make your visit amazing and unforgettable.

As a host office for this incredible event, we have an exceptional and unique opportunity of receiving our friends from all over the world.

This informational HUB, prepared especially for our friends who visit us during this week, will be updated with useful information. It is a great opportunity to show the vitality, hospitality and joy of having everyone in our city and country, ensuring this is a unique experience for all.

IBA MEXICO 2024: What you need to know
IBA Mexico 2024
Mexico: The Basics
Your arrival to Mexico
How to say thank you
Where to stay
Words and phrases
you should know
A taste of Mexico
Only work, no fun?
Night life adventures
Take a piece of Mexico with you
Experience our culture
¡Viva México!
Celebrating Independence
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Stay healthy
Time to train
Safety tips