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Mexico: The Basics

Mexico is a representative and democratic republic made up of 32 free states and united by a federal pact. The federal government and state governments each have their own Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers.

Located in North America, Mexico is bordered to the north with the United States of America; to the south and west with the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast with Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east with the Gulf of Mexico.

Mexico is the fifth largest country across the Americas and fourteenth largest in the world. It is the eleventh most populated country and largest Spanish-speaking country.

  • Official Name: United Mexican States
  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Territory: 1.964.375 km2
  • Population: 112.336.538 people (57.481.307 women and 54.855.231 men)
  • Currency: Mexican peso (MXN)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Mexican Independence Day: September 16, 1810
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It is always good to have on-hand information on how to contact your consulate!

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The Weather

In the month of September, it rains predominately in the afternoons/nights. The average temperature this month is 12ºC to 23ºC.

Don't forget your umbrella!


Tap water is not safe to drink, and it is recommended you consume bottled water or filtered water available at restaurants and other establishments.

Exchange Rate

Approximately 1 USD = 17.10 MXN

Power Outlet

In Mexico, the common voltage is 127 V and 60 Hz with type A/B plugs and sockets. The type A plug has two parallel flat slots, and the type B plug has two parallel flat slots and a circular grounded connection.

Some hotels have universal sockets.

Visas and Documentation

In Mexico, we will always be excited to receive visitors from all over the world; our culture is recognized worldwide for its warm welcome of others.

On this site, you can find the list of countries that require a visa to visit Mexico. We recommend checking this information before your trip or check here.

Payment Methods

In Mexico, most stores, tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, but not in all cases. It is a good idea to carry some cash in local currency. You can usually get a good exchange rate by withdrawing money at ATMs and at the airport.

Private Transportation

To request private transportation services, email or call the following::
Spin Mexico


(+52) 55 2251 1869 · (+52) 55 4441 6982
(+52) 55 2735 8271 · (+52) 55 6317 9226

Special pricing for direct transfers from Airport-Hotel and Hotel-Airport:

Direct transfer in premium sedan at $1,050.00 MXN + tax or $61 USD + tax
Direct transfer in minivan at $1,400.00 MXN + tax or $81 USD + tax
Direct transfer in suburban at $2,500.00 MXN + tax or $145 USD + tax
Direct transfer in Sprinter at $2,800.00 MXN + tax or $162 USD + tax